Countertops with design made in Italy

Unique, functional kitchen worktops, fully customisable to needs
Our designer countertops, 100% made in Italy, can all be customised to meet needs. Stainless steel kitchen tops can be customised with combinations of quality wood and glass and a wide range of thicknesses: slim, medium or extra slim.
Our countertops come in solid steel with thicknesses from 3 to 12mm, or 1.2/1.5mm. Dimensions go up to 1500mm in width and 6000mm in length for a single welded piece. Other dimensions comprise elements assembled mechanically.
Maximum thickness for our kitchen countertops is 400mm. They are backed by ultra-light aluminium honeycomb panels resistant to compression, cuts, fire and rust, and wood blockboard. Wood blockboard panels have a structure made up by glueing together blocks in various types of wood.
Kitchen worktops can be customised with a choice of different finishes, all the result of innovative, professional manufacturing methods. The Scotch Brite finish is extremely fine, with a pleasant satin appearance achieved by brushing, which gives the metal a dull, porous, almost antique look.
Our Vintage finish is achieved entirely by hand and gives the steel an irregular look. The Rain finish applies a matt surface, achieved by chemical/mechanical erosion, whereas the River finish is the result of chemical/mechanical erosion of the plain surface and features irregular grain that makes your kitchen worktop unique and inimitable.
The characteristics of every kitchen worktop by Alto Italy are uniqueness and strength, together with the well-balanced shapes of Italian design and careful attention to aesthetics. Every day our teams strive to guarantee these qualities on each single product to ensure exclusive items