Professional Extractor Hoods

Professional extractor hoods, fully customisable to needs

Quality and efficiency, the perfect solution for your business

Our professional extractor hoods are of fundamental importance because they not only eliminate undesirable odours that would invade the kitchen, but also eliminate through suction the fumes produced when cooking food, which could be harmful to the health of the kitchen staff.
For this reason, every restaurateur should use a valid product that ensures constant top performance. The professional extractor hood by Alto Italy is made of robust stainless steel and complies with the highest standards. Stainless steel makes our professional extractor hoods wonderfully strong and durable, with very little maintenance over the years and the advanced extractor technologies employed ensure a highly efficient product.
Bearing in mind how the kitchen units are arranged, and particular needs, you can choose and customise the hood model most suitable for your workplace.
Our team of experts is always ready to give advice and information to help you purchase the right professional hood, and will provide assistance before, during and after purchase. Professional extractor hoods should normally be installed at a height of approximately 2 metres from the floor, and protrude by about 20/25cm from the outer edge of the equipment underneath.

The choice of an industrial extractor hood should be made on the basis of the volume of air to be extracted and the cooking appliances used in your kitchen.

Therefore, we are ready to ensure a complete service that also takes into account the basic rules you need to know before purchasing a professional extractor hood. All our products are guaranteed for five years, and our staff is at your disposal to deal with queries.