built-in extractor hood

Fully customisable built-in extractor hood

Top quality electronic components and materials adapt perfectly to any household environment
The built-in extractor hood by Alto Italy is a unique, linear designer product, customisable to meet all needs. Top quality components and carefully selected raw materials are a guarantee of durability.
The materials used are AISI 304 stainless steel with Scotch Brite finish, and white or glossy black glass for a product created by a professional team whose aim is to meet our customers’ needs. The dimensions of our built-in extractor hood can also be customised so that it will adapt perfectly to the space available.
Our built-in extractor hood adapts well to all household conditions. Top quality components, careful selection of materials and design 100% made in Italy make this a high end product sold and admired throughout the world for its attractive looks and practical performance.
Design, choice of colours and glass finishing touches make our built-in extractor hood unique and elegant, a true kitchen decor element. Our built-in hood is the perfect combination of interior design and functionality. Silent and powerful, it provides excellent suction capacity with modern technology that keeps the kitchen free of steam and undesirable odours using highly efficient methods and advanced filter systems.
Accessories for our hoods include LED lighting, a filter alarm that warns when to clean or replace it, an aluminium filter or an optional plasma filter, an anti-vibration attaching system, perimeter suction, a double suction surface and a remote control.
All our products are guaranteed for five years, and a highly professional team is ready to deal with all your needs and queries during and after sales and help you plan your space.