kitchen Inspiration

Kitchens hand made in Italy

Style, trendy good looks, use of outstanding materials and innovative technologies, customisable to needs
Here at Alto Italy, the world of kitchens comprises a universe of materials and shapes that combine to create the perfect living space. Our kitchen concept is indeed vast, it hosts all the elements made and selected to make it functional, attractive, unique and harmonious.
Our mission has always been to create sartorial, made to measure kitchens designed to meet our customers’ needs, planning and assembling each element so that it contributes to implementing a creative project to make a dream come true.
The model kitchen we propose does not exist, we create new, inimitable ones every time, always fired by different inspirations: shapes, processes and colours, all from the creative sphere of art and design, which constantly stimulates our work.
Cucina di design made in Italy
Underpinning our philosophy is the fundamental combination of elements that make up a unique, functional whole: design made in Italy characterises products that will adapt to any need and environment, from classical to modern styles, paying careful attention to trends to be reflected in our kitchens. The selection, use and processing of materials is what distinguishes us from our competitors: our beginnings as a steel machining business have given us specific processing methods that allow us to create entirely hand made stainless steel elements.
Our relationships abroad have helped to widen our competences through experimenting new styles and shapes, adopting an open view concept of the world with just one constant: Italian flair and quality, adapted to non-European trends when necessary and required. For these reasons we have maintained our brand one of Italian excellence, quality and good taste.
Every day our teams of engineers and designers are committed to implementing unique creative projects, assisting our customers from the onset of the concept to making their dream come true: a kitchen living space that will satisfy everyone and add value to the home, a place for sharing and relaxing that creates harmony in the lives of its occupants.