Island hood

Fully customisable island extractor hood

Top quality electronic components and materials adapt perfectly to any household environment
Your choice of a hood often depends on your kitchen. An island hood is the perfect model for installation above a cooking hob or in a kitchen that includes an island. Alto Italy’s island extractor hood is a perfect combination of design and functionality that makes an important statement in your kitchen.
All our products feature uncluttered lines and are practical in use, characteristics that distinguish our island hood as an element of design around which to plan the entire kitchen area.
Functionality and form go hand in hand in our island hoods. The stainless steel facing brings an elegant note to the room and adapts well to trendy kitchens as well as more classical ones.
To complete any type of environment we offer several island extractor hood solutions, with fully customisable dimensions and design to meet all needs. All our hoods feature high performance, maximum suction capacity, reduced noise, and modern technology that keeps the kitchen free of steam and undesirable odours.
Top quality components, careful selection of materials and design 100% made in Italy make this a high end product sold and admired throughout the world for its attractive looks and practical performance.
All our products are guaranteed for five years, and a highly professional team is ready to deal with all your needs during and after sales and help you plan your space.
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