Wall-mounted hood

Fully customisable wall-mounted hood

Top quality electronic components and materials adapt perfectly to any household environment
Alto Italy’s wall-mounted extractor hood is the best solution for cookery fans. Mounted above the cooking hob, it extracts steam and undesirable odours, leaving just pleasant kitchen smells. Like all our products, the Alto Italy wall-mounted extractor hood is a successful combination of quality, design and advanced functionality.
From the technical point of view, our wall-mounted extractor hood has excellent extractor capacity and advanced technology, and is silent. Distinguishing elements are an aluminium or plasma filter, an alarm that warns when it’s time to clean or replace the filter, and a double extractor surface
For these reasons, our wall-mounted extractor hoods will meet all needs and their dimensions and design are fully customisable. The characteristics of the materials selected by our team provide quality that places our products at the top of the range on the Italian and export markets.
The AISI 304 stainless steel used for this hood ensures great durability with minimum maintenance. The accessories that complete the advanced functionalities of our wall-mounted hoods include LED lighting, an amazing anti-vibration attachment system and a remote control to activate the hood at a distance
The uncluttered, elegant design makes our wall-mounted hood a kitchen decor element for a pleasant living area, a harmonious venue at the end of the day. We also aim to assist our customers before and after their purchase, proposing solutions to make the most of the space available.
Our technicians can advise you before, during and after your purchase. Like all our products, our wall-mounted hoods are guaranteed for five years, and we provide a full after-sales service geared to respond to your needs and queries within 24 hours.