DALY kitchen mixer tap

DALY kitchen mixer tap, design made in Italy and advanced functionalities. Brass steel single lever mixer tap will adapt perfectly to every type of sink This kitchen mixer tap by Alto Italy is an important accessory with which to complete and enhance your choice of our stainless steel sinks. Here at Alto Italy we provide a wide range of attractive, functional kitchen mixer taps, a vast selection to meet all needs in terms of aesthetics and functions.

ELY kitchen mixer tap

Miscelatore cucina ELY, design The ELY kitchen mixer tap by Alto Italy has 100% unique Italian design. Kitchen taps entirely built in brass, feature exclusive design and excellent functionality that complete and enhance your choice of our hand made kitchen sinks. We produce three models of single lever kitchen mixer taps with F ⅜” inlet hose.

Miscelatore cucina Ely AltoItaly
Miscelatore cucina LUXOR AltoItaly

LUXOR kitchen mixer tap

Our kitchen mixer tap in the LUXOR line boasts advanced functions to fully meet the needs of those who spend time in the kitchen living space. The family of kitchen mixer taps in the LUXOR line comprises two elements, LUXOR 115 and 125, single lever kitchen taps with swivel spout and double jet pull-down spray. Design and functionality merge in this LUXOR line of kitchen mixer taps, made entirely of stainless steel. Kitchen taps with pull-down spray are particularly useful for sanitising and rinsing sinks and food.

MUY MUY kitchen mixer tap

The MUY MUY line of kitchen mixer taps comprises three different variants, all featuring exclusive functions and design 100% made in Italy, a constant in all our products. Two of the kitchen taps in the MUY MUY line are single models, with swivel spout and pull-down spray, F3/8” inlet hose and 35mm ceramic disk cartridge.

Miscelatore cucina Muy Muy AltoItaly

OKAYAMA kitchen mixer tap

OKAYAMA kitchen mixer tap with single lever and swivel spout. Unique design, 100% made in Italy in brass. The OKAYAMA kitchen mixer tap comes with basic functional characteristics: swivel spout with F ⅜” hose and single lever with 25mm ceramic disk cartridge. Practical and functional, our OKAYAMA line comprises two kitchen mixer taps with similar functions but different design.

RYORI kitchen mixer tap

RYORI comprises a wide range of brass kitchen mixer taps that will meet all aesthetic and functional needs Each kitchen mixer tap in the RYORI family boasts unique design and functionalities to meet our customers’ requirements. The RYORI line of kitchen mixer taps is one of the most complete of our production. The RYORI kitchen mixer tap line comprises five elements with similar functions but different design.

Miscelatore cucina RYORI AltoItaly

TOKYO kitchen mixer tap

TOKYO kitchen mixer taps make up a complete line of exclusively designed kitchen taps with a host of functionalities that represents a series of products made in Italy. Our line of TOKYO kitchen mixer taps is undoubtedly the most complete of the Alto Italy family. It comprises six kitchen taps, all different in design and functionalities.

XINYI kitchen mixer tap

XINYI kitchen mixer tap in stainless steel, design made in Italy. Kitchen taps with 28mm cartridges and square swivel spout. The XINYI line of kitchen mixer taps comprises three elements featuring a 28mm cartridge that distinguishes them from the other kitchen mixer taps by Alto Italy, all with 35mm cartridges. All models of XINYI mixer taps are kitchen mixer taps with square swivel spouts. XINYI kitchen taps come with a chrome finish.

YAAN kitchen mixer tap

YAAN kitchen mixer tap, two single level models with round swivel spout and 28mm cartridge. These kitchen mixer taps can be customised. Our YAAN kitchen tap line comprises two kitchen mixer tap models, designed in Italy and with advanced functionalities that meet customers’ aesthetic and practical requirements. YAAN R 100 is a kitchen mixer tap with single lever featuring a round swivel spout and 28mm ceramic disc cartridge.